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Age restriction?

I make some various mini-apps, including flash games, Ubuntu widgets and Android apps as a hobby for almost 2 years. I also have a great idea for an app to use on Android just for such a competition and enough skills to make that idea real. The problem is, I can't participate in this competition due to the age restriction.
I really can't see a real reason behind that age restriction else than to keep the competition more "professional" but I think the competition should be open for anyone who can speak enough of English and has enough programming skills to participate.

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  • Manager   •   almost 11 years ago

    Hi Mehmet,

    Thanks for writing. We really appreciate your interest in MTA App Quest. We know there are great software makers out there that are under 18 and we're sorry that you don't meet the eligibility requirements in the challenge rules. This requirement exists because there is some added legal complexity when including minors in a competition.

    We do hope you'll enter the challenge if another iteration is done after you've turned 18. Thank you again for your interest.


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