WINNER: Hackathon Award: First Place

WINNER: Challenge: Best Overall - Second Prize

Have you ever had the experience of hearing a great musician in the subway only to get home and realize you don’t know who they are, you can’t share their music with your friends, and you don’t know how to get more information?

The SubCulture.FM App allows MTA customers to identify their favorite subway musicians performing in the NYC subway area. We’re all in a rush during our commute and we don’t always have time to stop and listen to the great Music Under New York musicians. Also, the musicians play at different subway stops, so they may not be at the same platform at the same time every day. The solution? SubCulture.FM will supply QR codes for each musical group to display during their live performance. A busy MTA rider can do a quick QR scan with a smartphone and listen to the group later, (the scan feature works even when there is no WiFi at the station). When the QR code has been scanned the information is stored locally. When an MTA rider leaves the subway they can get the low down on their previously scanned musical artists, including descriptions and music samples. They can share information about the music clips with their friends through Facebook and Twitter, as well as browse and listen to other subway artists via SubCulture.FM RADIO.

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